FAA Final Exam

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1. What are the three key methods used to gather evidence during an audit? (Check three answers) 


2. What are two key characteristics of “objective evidence”?  (Check two answers) 


3. Which of the following are important considerations for an audit Guide list  (Check all that apply)


4. In order to have compliance, you must have: 
(Check one answer) 


5. When an organization’s Documentation is compared to Workplace Practices, the auditor is evaluating:


6. When a Requirement is compared to an organization’s Documentation, the auditor is evaluating:


7. When an organization’s Workplace Practices are compared to an organization’s Results, the auditor is evaluating:


8. What two activities below best describe the two stages of corrective action?
(Check two answers)


9. Which of the following could be examples of “Objective Evidence”? 
(Check all that apply) 


10. What are the three directions an auditor could take when examining a process?  (Check three answers) 


11. Why is it important to discuss noncompliance issues during the audit?  (Check all that apply) 


12. What are three key elements of a Noncompliance (N/C) write-up? 
(Check three answers)